Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

Located in the state of Pernambuco in the northeast of the country, Porto de Galinhas is one of Brazil’s most popular beach towns.

Day trips to Maragogi

It’s a must day trip to Maragogi although you will need to wake up early. Catamaran departs from Porto at around 5:30 in the morning and arrives on Alagoas golden coast. Here,  while the tide is still low, you’ll have a chance to visit the natural pools in the morning. The waters are an incredible turquoise color plus take part in a tropical lunch.

Day trips to Praia de Cairneiros

As you step into Cairneiros, you’ll realize it is close to a paradise. Enjoy the breathtaking view of white sands and coconut trees hanging over the water. Ride into catamaran or boat trip to reach the beach and the trip are worth it. Enjoy lunch at the beach bar or take a dip in the pool like a sea.

Calhetas and Cabo de Santo Agostinho

You can visit some of Pernambuco’s wonderful beaches and a trip to Vila de Nazaré and build in the 16th-century church of  Nossa Senhora de Nazaré another great day trip from Porto. For lunch and a swim, it’s great to stop by at the beach of Calhetas.

Barcaxeira Restaurant

Barcaxeira Restaurant offers superb food at reasonable price and comes in a tropical ambiance, simple yet tasteful. It is best to do reservation as they get quite full during dinner. Taste their specialty,  the macaxeira gratinada, a pure of mandioca, with cheese and shrimps, or dried meat. Seaview is a bonus experience and they normally offer live music in the nightfall.


Praia de Muro Alto

Praia de Muro Alto offers an image of paradise with calm water, created by a sand wall, natural pool, wonderful coconut trees, and reefs. In this beach lies most hotels and resorts.

Engenho Massangana

This area was once the most vital to the economics of the region, a complex of buildings from the 19th Century, with the main house and the Chapel, the center of the Brazilian production in time. One of the most notable abolitionists — Joaquim Nabuco — when was a child, it is said he lived in this place. The name of the place was taken from the river nearby that was used to flow the production.