Mykonos, Greece

One of my favorite trips was to Greece. It’s unlike any place on earth. The country of Greece is actually made up of multiple islands. By multiple, I mean 6,000! That’s a massive number of islands, even if some are very small. Hawaii is made up of a few islands. However, Hawaii is only made up of 8 islands. Hawaii pales in comparison to Greece.

I’ve been to only two Greek islands: Mykonos and Crete. For this post, I’m going to focus solely on Mykonos. Americans have spring break in Cancun, Mexico. However, Europeans have spring break in Mykonos. I think this helps paint a picture of the island.

Going there, you can expect to see many bars, clubs, and young people dancing on beaches. The parties last all day and all night there. There are plenty of hotel pools even though there are beaches everywhere.

Mykonos is very mountainous. On one day, my friends and I decided to climb the mountain. Well, by climb I mean walk up the mountain. There were dirt roads which led up to the top. The mountain was not too high. We were able to reach the top in just over an hour. What was on top? To our surprise, there was a restaurant hidden from view. The food was incredible. The wine was great too. As an appetizer, I ate a big piece of fried cheese which was in the shape of a slice of pizza.

The main colors of Greece are blue and white. Many of the houses were white and had blue roofs. Because Mykonos is a tourist island, there were plenty of tourist shops. I even purchased a painting which was freshly created by a local artisan. If one were to visit a few of the 6,000 Greek islands, I would highly recommend a trip to Mykonos.