Family Traveling

Christmas was yesterday. New Years is next week. These are among the busiest travel days of the year. Thanksgiving, also, was only a few weeks ago. Given that these holidays are so close to each other, families are traveling. What happens when the family sees you, however?

Well, in my case, that’s what has happened this year. And I’m having they are over. Oh yes, they are staying with me! There are a few people at my home. But I only have a couple of bedrooms. So where is everyone staying? Well, I had to get creative.

My first plan to purchase an air mattress. And like many of my ideas, it worked (some don’t!). Christmastime can get stressful with the need to plan many things. We need to think about lodging, food, gifts, and other things. If a family is staying you have to even think about the small things. Think about buying extra toothpaste, having extra shower towels, and even plan for the possible animal, such as a dog. Yes, I say this because I’m in this situation now. And I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love it when family visits.

I don’t have family over every year so I’m enjoying it while they are there. Sometimes I visit them. Sometimes we meet at a separate location altogether, like a winter vacation. One year we spent Christmas in a hotel in the snowy mountains. I was able to snowboard with family which was double the fun.

Traveling for the holidays is a fun experience. Traveling with family is extra fun because of all the great memories being created. One of the most important things is to plan for every major situation, even the small ones. This way, things will be taken care of far in advance!